The lack of provision, in our Australian democracy, to ensure a candidate cannot win based on ‘fake-promises’ – is a fault. A fault that is at the epicentre of a tsunami of dissatisfaction with our political system.

This issue affects all of us.

  • It includes the full spectrum of politics, affects all politicians and parties, and limits the opportunity for ethical people to represent us.
  • It allows the worst liars to gravitate into the most powerful positions.
  • It tarnishes all politicians as ‘liars’, even the ethical ones.

The complaint that ‘politicians constantly lie to us’ is raised by almost every voter.

Fixing this issue has the broad support in the community, perhaps every single voter would support truth in politics, at least in principle, for no rational ordinary voter would desire there to be less truth in politics.

The only question is ‘what is the is most optimal and implementable solution’?

Truth In Politics was founded to help find the answer.

Our plan is to contribute to the development of a robust policy that political candidates can adopt and endorse. This process has started and we need more good people to get involved.

You can help by

  • Assist with the policy development. Make contact to begin.
  • Voting for a candidate that endorses truth in politics – the policy will be published on this site for comment in due course.
  • Liking our Facebook page 

Truth in politics is the most important issue because the successful fixing of all issues rely on our politicians following through on their promises.