The complaint that ‘politicians constantly lie to us’ is raised by almost every voter.

How can this problem be addressed? For the improvement of our democracy and for the advancement of positive policy positions. We need a solution that can be adopted and taken forward by the major political parties.

Truth is a vexing issue. What is the truth?  Philosophers have been debating truth for centuries.

And, according to psychologists, we cannot know the truth, because we all distort facts to fit in with our world view.

But at least not to deliberately lie would be a good start. This truth in politics project seeks to advance policies – acceptable to the major parties – that will improve on the current situation.

It is a complex area, but the lack of action on it affects all of us.

  • There is broad community support. We can say that every voter supports more truth in politics because no rational voter would desire there to be less truth in politics.
  • The status quo limits the opportunity for ethical people to get clear air in the political debate.
  • Not working toward a solution will leave those that come after us the poorer for our inaction.

It makes sense to improve the level of truth in politics, the only real question is ‘what is the is most optimal and implementable solution’?

Truth In Politics was founded to help find the answer.

Assist with policy development. Make contact to begin.