Promise Checker – GONE!

A tool that helps to keep politicians to their promises, is an inconvenient tool that its better not to keep funding.

ABC’s fact check, and promise check were axed.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon described the unit as a “thorn in the side” of politicians of all sides who make dubious claims. ” Politicians might be happy about this outcome but voters should be outraged,” he said.

But a left over artifact, a video of the promise checker, gives some insight into the number of promises made and not kept.

But Wait. What About The BIG ISSUES?


If you are wondering why there seem to be a dearth of big issues among politicians promises, then you are not alone.  Some of the big issues that are rarely:

  • Make large multinationals pay their fair share of tax.
  • Bring more competition into banking, so mortgage interests rates come down.
  • Bring more competition into media, so information sources are not dominated by a few vested interests

Why are these issues not part of the political debate, and thus promises made at election time?  This answer is simple, chilling and proven.